Ambragio was developed from the love of creating and showing individualism. Ambragio is a veteran owned company. As a company we live by the slogan brass life create daily. The founders goal was to create a clothing line with a reflection of who they are and everything that they ever wanted to be. We want to expand on our craft, and hope to carry you along for the journey. Watch and help us grow. The business was founded by CEO & Chief Designer Ambragio. Partnerships include: 

 Javan Anderson, Chief Editor

Holleywood, The face of Brass

Mission Statement ( what we represent ) 

Ambragio is named after the founder. The  brand represents success. Everyone’s definition of success is different, whether it’s a job at a fast food spot or a degree from a big college. There are no limits to success. Everyone’s definition of success is different and in the end happiness is the true definition of success. The brand reflects you defining your own definition of success and not letting anyone else determine what success is to you.